Our family printing company began in 1898. The rest is history.

We're independently owned, technologically advanced, and capable of delivering all the printing services you need.

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You have a great product and a vision for how the printing should support that product. We have the depth of expertise—coupled with an array of printing equipment—to make your printed project a reality. We print top sheets for complex packaging, convert folding cartons, and provide large format printing for sweeping retail displays. Whether your quantities are big or small, LPC is your one-stop printing partner that can do it all.

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“The LPC story is one of staying ahead of our customers’ evolving needs with our 120 years of insight and strategy for planned growth.”




LPC does business through two separate divisions. And while each is located in a different part of the country, they function as integrated resources operating under one roof. We’re good at pooling these strengths on your behalf, creating a value chain that guarantees technical diversity, printing quality and speed-to-market for your projects.

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