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There’s no substitute for personal attention and precise technical control at this critical first stage of each project. Our experts make certain your graphics files contain all the necessary elements for a successful print run. We invest in cutting-edge systems that assure accuracy and efficiency from preparation to press. And our Absolute Color Control System monitors your job from the moment it enters our system.


LPC is the nation’s leading independent offset printer for high-quality, short to high-volume runs. Our broad array of production presses offers up to eight colors UV quick drying technology, including large format printing up to 81”. Our equipment supports substrates from 60# Litho to 34-PT paperboards, synthetics, metallics, PET and styrene, and covers a wide range of printing applications. We’re dedicated to a brilliant outcome with spot-on color matching and registration, while being on-time, and budget-wise for best-in-class reproduction delivering client-focused services.

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LPC began investing in digital equipment and technology in early 2000, driven by customer needs and industry trends. Today our digital printing equipment and capabilities assure superior quality in both color and substrate, with proven manufacturing techniques that keep prices competitive. As a leader in print quality and color, our digital offset presses have 7 on-press ink stations and is compatible with over 2500 certified coated and uncoated substrates, including synthetics, metallic and paperboard for folding cartons.


LPC consistently invests in high-level printing equipment designed for high quality reproduction with  exceptional speed-to-market productivity. We have state-of-the-art equipment to print banners, posters, trade show graphics, murals, architectural drawings and theatrical backdrops. LPC has the printing capabilities to bring all your visual marketing needs to life.


Does your folding carton require absolute structural integrity? LPC is up to the challenge. Our creative structural team provides solutions that encompass the art, science and engineering to produce cartons that range from the practical to more elaborate and innovative folds, custom dies and structural specifications that take your product from concept to reality.

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Displays and signage at the point-of-purchase need to engage customers and close sales. At LPC, we support our customers with retail POP displays that go beyond the ordinary thanks to innovative construction and unique effects, which range from UV coatings to specialty inks. We offer display printing directly on materials and large litho labels, as well as tactile effects achieved through soft touch/textured printing. Our visual merchandising expertise applies to both temporary and permanent retail signage and displays, including counter tops, walls, floors, pallets and more. We work closely with display designers, corrugated manufacturers and consumer packaged goods experts to assure eye-catching results and an efficient production process.


LPC has two locations that provide a wide range of integrated services to complete your store kitting projects and printed materials. In fact, we can seamlessly manage fulfillment processing between your business and our warehouses. From sourcing ASI Certified products to staging multiple roll–outs simultaneously, we’ll handle the logistics so you can focus on marketing and sales. You’ll be able to monitor your inventory, print manufacturing and budget status through our secure online portal. All LPC locations are supported by EFI production software that allows each division to work independently or together.


We provide in-house, value-added services that give large labels, top sheets and folding cartons a prestigious look and feel. LPC finishes include in-line varnishing, UV coating, spot varnishes, foil stamping, laminating, embossing, window patching, and yes, even glitter, for a distinguishable and high tactile effect. Contact us for more information, and we’ll discuss with you how you can enhance your printing project for an optimum aesthetic appeal.


Timely sourcing of the best materials is never a problem for LPC. Access to prime and climate-smart papers creates a competitive advantage that very few printers can offer. Premier domestic and international materials are sheeted to size, thereby saving time, reducing costs, and delivering your projects with exceptional speed-to-market. Sheeting can range from small-format digital sizes, to 140” long, wide-format products. Whatever the size required, our sheeters support quick turns and high quality.