Our Story

For over 100 years, Lewisburg Printing Company has been in the business of transformation.

For our customers, that means turning brilliant concepts into powerful displays, packaging and printed pieces.

For our company, that means constantly growing, evolving and investing to offer every imaginable printing solution, delivered through a carefully managed process that assures the success of every order.

We’ve been a family business since day one.

With that distinction comes a great deal of pride, knowing that our history has been guided by a beating heart, a caring attitude, and a personal commitment to uncompromised quality. Our independent status allows us to practice integrity at the highest level.

Today, Lewisburg Printing Company is recognized as an industry leader in specialized printing solutions.

Our two divisions create an internal supply chain that seamlessly moves even the largest projects to quick completion. We compete with enthusiasm and confidence on the basis of our capabilities, quality, and pricing. And while we’re deeply involved in the retail, manufacturing, food processing and education markets, our knowledge and experience applies to virtually any printing challenge.

Most importantly, we serve as the single-source partner for all of our customers’ visual marketing and printing needs.

Yes, our equipment offering is impressive, but it’s our expertise in coordinating and executing “best fit” utilization of that printing equipment that truly adds value. We can match all of your printed pieces using G7 specifications, so your project comes together seamlessly, all under one roof.

Our comprehensive menu of service offerings saves time and adds value to each relationship we build. From sales consultancy to design and prepress, online proofing, digital asset management and global materials distribution, you can be assured your team at LPC is always ready.

Equal parts art and science, the craft of printing is truly in our DNA.

Our dedication to innovation and technology sets us apart. Our family-driven commitment to service sets us above.

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