“Document what you do (procedures). Do what is documented. Verify that you did it.”

The goal of our quality program is to document, control and improve internal processes to ensure our customers receive

goods and services that exceed their expectations.

• Customer-specific standard operating procedures designed to meet individual customer requirements

• Good Catch and Bright Ideas awards presented at each company meeting

• Munsell FM 100 Hue color testing for associates

• Departmental quality management procedures at every step of manufacturing

• CIP 3/CIP 4 Job Pilot technology

• Custom solid-top pallets with solid fiber corners and four-way banding

• Quality procedures structured around ISO 9001 principles

• Job Planning / Preflight of incoming materials

• Technical Plant Assessment (TPA) and custom training

• Paper is measured and recorded as a raw material for RH (35%-55% range) and caliper. RH is verified after printing

at the cutting department.

• Continuity sheets pulled at predetermined intervals based on sheet run length

• QAP (Quality Assurance Program) 100+ checklist from preflight to shipping

• Thwing-Albert Universal Tester w/MAP 4 Software

  • COF testing
  • Tensile

• Sutherland Rub Testing


LPC is dedicated to continuous improvement and a proactive approach towards conserving all aspects of the environment,

particularly as it relates to our business practices and processes.

• 97% of waste materials are recycled

• Environmentally-friendly process inks