Bindery & Fulfillment


We strive to continually invest in the best equipment possible to ensure quality for our customers. Following is a list of some of the equipment that we currently use in our bindery:

  • 61″ Polar Cutter, Jogger and Transmat Unloader
  • 90″ Seybold Cutter with Microcut, Jogger, Digital Scale Counter and Automated Unloadermisc01_35pct
  • 16 Pocket Muller Martini Tigra Perfect Binder
  • 2 – Polar EMC 115 Monitor Electornic Cutter/Trimmers with Jogger and Digital Scale Counter
  • 1 – 19″ X 25″ MBO Suction Pile Feed Loader
  • 2 – 28″ X 40″ MBO Continuous Folders
  • 1 – 38″ X 55″ MBO Continuous Folder
  • 8 Pocket Muller Martini Collator, Stitcher-Trimmer
  • 6 Pocket Muller Martini Collator, Stitcher-Trimmer with Cover Feeder
  • Laminator, Hang Tag Stringers, Die Cutters, Perferator/Scorer
  • PMC Die Cutter


LPC offers a full spectrum of fulfillment solutions, from conventional fulfillment that leverages our exfulfillment2_40pctpertise in kitting and mailing services, to complete warehousing, distribution and printing services. This broad spectrum of capabilities allows us to deliver cost-effective, “custom-built” solutions on time.

What makes LPC fulfillment unique is our ability to combine traditional fulfillment, storage and distribution services with with print-on-demand and digital print communications solutions. Using database publishing and print-on-demand capabilities, LPC can electronically warehouse your document until a fulfillment request is issued, offering significant cost savings.