Flexo Printing

In 2004, LPC invested in Flexo equipment and technology with the purchase of a Mark Andy 2200 six color flexo press. The decision to move into this market was driven largely by feedback from many of our existing customers. LPC can now keep pace with this specific need from our current and future customers.

What you can expect from our Flexo Printing Division:

  • Superior quality both in color and substrate
  • Experienced staff to help consult our customers based on their specific application
  • Competitive price structure through proven manufacturing techniques and current technology
  • Quick delivery with standard delivery less than 5 business days from final approval

Mark Andy 2200 Specifications

  • Speed: 50 – 300 fpm
  • Press Width: 10″
  • Maximum Print Stations: 6flexo1_40pct
  • Maximum Print Repeat: 5 1/2″ (10″)
  • Maximum Print Repeat: 24″
  • Maximum Print Width: 10″
  • Diecutting Positions: 2-3 (2 1/2 slots)
  • Maximum Rotary Die Repeat: 24″
  • Maximum Die Cut Width: 10″
  • Rewind Capacity: 30″