Company Info

Lewisburg Printing brings over 100 years of dedicated customer service to you, while continuing to seek out the latest innovations and technology for the printing industry. This enables us to consistently provide the best quality at competitive costs.

LPC Mission Statement:   LPC is dedicated to providing our customers with a level of quality that ensures superior satisfaction above all else.   Our goal is to build strong relationships with our customers, suppliers, colleagues and employees through mutual respect and trust.   We will always strive to be your printer of choice.

Services and Capabilities


LPC's family of 100 loyal employees works together to provide each customer with the level of service expected from an industry leader.

A dedicated team of associates - including a key contact, project manager, technical support and corporate sponsor (who serves as an emergency contact) - is assigned to each customer.   Our customers can rely on their LPC team to ensure superior service on every project, every time.

Quality Assurance

We focus on services over the entire life of the document, from conception to completion.   As we move into the future, we will agressively invest in new production technologies that continually change the way we do business.   But there is always one constant with Lewisburg Printing, and that is our unparalleled customer service and quality control.